Statute of the Foundation 




Article 1

The Foundation

1.1    The  “Guitar Foundation of Albania” is founded and created as a non-profit organization in the form of a foundation, in compliance with the Albanian Law no. 7850 dated 27.09.1994 “On the Albanian Civil Code”, as amended and Law no. 8788 dated 07.05.2001 “On Non Profit Organizations”, as amended, by the following founder: Mr. Admir Doçi, Albanian citizen, born on 03 July 1982, in Tirana, Albania


Article 2

Name of the Foundation

2.1    The foundation shall be named “Guitar Foundation of Albania” (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”).

2.2    This Foundation shall have its own seal and logo. 


Article 3

Registered Office

3.1    The registered office of the Foundation is at the following address:

                  Rruga Thanas Ziko, P. 65/1, Sh. 3, A. 7, Tirana, Albania.

3.2    The Foundation will carry out activities all over the Albanian territory.

3.3    The Foundation enjoys the right to establish branches or secondary offices throughout the territory of Albania which shall operate within the scope of the Foundation.


Article 4


    The Foundation will exercise its activity for an indeterminate period of time. 


Article 5

Scope of the Foundation

5.1    The mission of the Foundation is to:

  • promote the classic guitar and other genres;
  • organize and support cultural activities such as festivals, concerts, national or international symposiums in relation to the guitar, by enriching the artistic life of the Albanian society;   
  • undertake pedagogical activities with the aim to contribute in the music education of the civil society;
  • support researches and publications of guitar professors in the field of pedagogy; 
  • support teaching projects with a dominant social character, such as enabling guitar lessons for children in need of the society;
  • support and promote  young guitarist within or outside Albania by realizing podiums for young ages, such as organizing international competitions, concerts, ensembles, touring, giving scholarships etc.  

5.2    The Foundation is not-for-profit and does not undertake any activity with a purpose to accrue any profit, or activities of a political or religious nature.

5.3    The scope of the Foundation shall be fulfilled in compliance with the licensing requirements in Albania, to the extent they are applicable for any of the activities conducted by the Foundation.


Article 6


6.1    The Foundation shall assume different activities in accordance with the Albanian Law in order to achieve its objective, while maintaining full autonomy of its decisions. The ambit of its undertakings includes all activities related to the implementation of its main objective. To fulfill its mission stated in article 5, the Foundation will cooperate with the government of Albania, with its agencies and institutions, with regional and local governments, with local and central authorities responsible for managing education institutions, with entities and institutions responsible for the provision of education and training services, with private businesses, civil society and individuals, small and medium enterprises, different non-governmental organizations, donors, with cultural and educational institutions from all over the world as well as with culture attaches of other countries based in Albania.


Article 7

Legal Status

7.1    The Foundation is a non for profit organization without membership, established and sustained through contributions of its founders, of third parties or incomes generated by its economic activities. The Foundation is founded, recognized and registered in Albania, in accordance with the Albanian legislation and it shall gain legal status from the moment of its registration in the Tirana’s District Court in compliance with the law no. 8789, dated 07.05.2001 “On the registration of non-profit Organizations”.

7.2    The Foundation is structured and functions in accordance with the present Articles of Association, by-laws and internal regulations established by the Board of Directors or the CEO.

7.3    The Foundation shall be legally represented against third parties by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Other functions can be delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) by the Board of Directors.


Article 8

Properties and Funding

8.1    The financial resources of the Foundation shall consist mainly of the funds provided by its founder, in kind contributions, donations of third parties and income generated by its economic activity as well as any other legally allowed source of income.

8.2    The funds and properties of the Foundation shall be used within the scope described in the Articles of Association and shall be duly recorded in its balance sheet. The Foundation may own property, structures, equipment, money and other means of monetary value, as well as other assets accrued in light of its scope, in accordance with the Albanian legislation. 

8.3    All funds of the Foundation, otherwise not utilized, shall be deposited into customary or special bank accounts, trust funds, or other depositories as decided by the CEO or a Committee, to which such authority has been delegated to by the CEO.

8.4    No part of the funds of the Foundation shall be used for the personal benefit of or be distributed to the Directors or officers of the Foundation, except for cases where the Foundation has the right and the authority to pay compensation for services that benefit the Foundation, or reimburse expenses incurred on its behalf in the form of salary, bonuses or compensation as per relevant employment contracts.

8.5    The administration of funds and properties of the Foundation is an exclusive competence of the CEO.


Article 9

Prohibited Activities

9.1    No substantial part of the activities carried by the Foundation shall participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or against any candidate running for public office.


Article 10


10.1    The Foundation shall be held liable for its obligations solely through its properties. The members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and Treasurer of the Foundation and/or its officers shall not be held liable against third parties, unless they have caused damage to third parties due to gross negligence or willful misconduct from their part, while performing their assigned duties.


Article 11

Structure and Operation 

11.1    The decision-making and executive organs of the Foundation shall consist of:

  1. The Board of Directors (at least three directors)
  2. The Officers (CEO, Treasurer)