Welcome to the official site of the "Guitar Foundation of Albania"

The  “Guitar Foundation of Albania” is founded and created as a non-profit organization in the form of a foundation, in compliance with the Albanian Law no. 7850 dated 27.09.1994 “On the Albanian Civil Code” and Law no. 8788 dated 07.05.2001 “On Non Profit Organizations”. The foundation is recognized and registered by the Albanian Court in Tirana on 18.01.2013.  


The mission of the Foundation is to:

  • promote the classical guitar and other genres;
  • organize and support cultural activities such as festivals, concerts, national or international symposiums in relation to the guitar, by enriching the artistic life of the Albanian society;   
  • undertake pedagogical activities with the aim to contribute in the music education of the civil society;
  • support researches and publications of guitar professors in the field of pedagogy; 
  • cooperate closely with private and public institutions for the organization of pedagogical projects or concert projects; 
  • support teaching projects with a dominant social character, such as enabling guitar lessons for children in need of the society;
  • support and promote  young guitarists within or outside Albania by organizing podiums for young ages, international competitions, concerts, ensembles, touring, scholarships etc.